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Vintage Made in British Colony of Hong Kong It is always a challenge to know if a garment is truly vintage or a really good but any label that bears the “Made in British Hong Kong” is already over 16 years old We know that Hong Kong was turned over to China in 1999. This suit has that label see details on my Easy store there is a small moth bite that I repaired and the dress has some very slight makes but I suggest that it be shortened to a mini with a longer coat This is 100 percent Zephyr wool tagged a size 12  ... read more

Rescue of Clothing Labels

Larry Aldrich (1906-2001) was an American manufacturer of women’s clothing. Read a short history at the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource here: Thank you Vintage Fashion Guild for the reference to clothing labels This is a great reference to determine in some cases the vintage clothing and time period they were... read more

Vintage Holt Renfrew Angora wool and Cashmere coat size 10

This beautiful long coat dates 1980 there are there actually small moth nips as seen in the photo The coat lining is flawless the original buttons are on the coat the fur collar is not melting at the back of the neck. Two front hidden pockets all labels remain on this beauty and there is a 24 inch site up the back. This coat is the present fashion trend long slim coats so this is perfect If you wish this coat contact me or visit my Etsy store “vintagecatwalks” we can arrange for shipping and payment through paypal or Etsy The coat is tagged as a size 10... read more

Fashion Icon in White House

This is definitely not  my thoughts on Politics far from it but what I saw on the inauguration day of President Trump was the upcoming Fashion Icon in Melania Trump. I saw a lot of furs being worn by guests real or false not sure but the fur was there and I saw the birth of a fashion icon which we have not see since Jackie Kennedy Still to this day when referring to style people  say a garment is Jackie”O” it leads us to think dresses with box jackets pill box hats and kelly bags, and very selective bits of jewelry. There has not been a first lady with the class and fashion sence that Jackie Kennedy left to us. I understand that Mrs. Reagan wore a dress on Ronald Reagan’s inauguration day which cost 20,000.00 but in my opinion one dress does not create an icon. The dress that Melania Trump wore was classic simple and if made in a larger size would still compliment any woman because of it’s simplicity colour and design. When was the last time you saw pastel coloured kid gloves worn ( not nice jackie kennedy) and hopefully these will be returned to the well dressed woman My prediction is that she will also bring back the evening hat. These are my thought on the change in the White house strictly fashion speaking... read more

vintage Orphans

Here are some gorgeous vintage jackets that I call orphans. They have no skirts slacks or dresses which they had at one time but have long left the scene As a vintage lover this provides you the challenge to use these garments with your modern clothing and create you own fabulous look Vintage now is what you like and how you can wear vintage without looking totally costume I will be listing these only Etsy vintagecatwalks store you can enter through the home page If you are interested to adopt and take on the challenge of one of these orphans let me know and I can send you more information concerning the jackets... read more

Women size changes 1920 versus 2016

this is an example of how the female figure has progressed. I have found that the true vintage is not wearable for most young women today the average size does not fir the true vintage lover and should they be worn the fabric and seams cannot take much strain I have always said that the many garment sold today as vintage are reproductions. First there are many wonderful seamstresses in Canada now there are oodles of vintage patterns and girls who enjoy these fashions could have them made in there size I also have said that most of these dresses pawned off as true vintage are pristine in condition which I find hard to believe that anything 50 years old or more could be pristine To m it all comes down to the look.  Vintage style from the 1950 and 60’s  and older are the clothing of beauty detail and fabric... read more

Vintage Collector

Vintage Collector

An avid Vintage collector everything has a story for me or the family

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Tying it on

Thought you gentlemen would be interested to see how to secure a bow tie that has no clip. This is a do it yourself bow... read more

1983 Old Clothing Show and Sales

This is an article about the “Old clothing Show and Sales” which were held at the Palais Royale on Lakeshore in Toronto I had participated in these shows and in this article my niece Krista who kindly assisted me in the booth and modelled... read more