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Siam Silver Niello ware jewelry

Ramasoon fell in love with the beautiful Mekkala, but she didn’t love him back. In a jealous rage, he threw his axe at her so he could injure and capture her, but Mekkala was able to defend herself with her famous magical crystal ball. As the axe struck this ball, it created a massive flash of light. This was the first ever lightening. Defeated, Ramasoon created darkness and rain so he could retreat undercover. He still waits for Mekkala to this day. When he sees her, Ramasoon once again throws his axe to injure and capture her, though is always thwarted by the crystal ball that defends Mekkala and flashes brightly as the axe hits it.Siam Id you have ever admired that sterling silver pieces of jewelry with the black enamelled depicting mystical figures  these stunning creation were hand made  together the black enamel and silver are called Neillo ware. You may find them in other colours but black is the front runner... read more

1950’s possible Weiss

This wonderful opaques stones were a popular style of jewelry worn in the 1950’s This piece is NOT signed but some of the experts have told me that during these years many weiss pieces may not have been signed but whether it is a Weiss or not it is a trill large showy lovely brooch with matching... read more

Vintage costume jeweller group

I am now participating in a Vintage and Jewelry group to increase my knowledge of vintage jewelry It is a group of experts from which I expect to learn the marks and signs of valuable vintage jewelry pieces This is NOT a selling site just a fun group of very knowledgeable collectors My first entry Mexican Jade or... read more

Vintage 1950 Rare Collectible new McHale shoes in original box

I haver a real treasure with the acquisition of a pair of mens unused McHale shoes The box is original and states that they are size 8-1/2 D width If you are interested to add these rare shoes to your collection contact me and once we establish shipping cost I can send you a invoice through Pay Pal Price 225.00U.S> plus shipping My research on these shoes brought me to the Vintage fashion Guild   below are posting from the Vintage Fashion Guild web site‘s web site John McHale is originally a Canadian brand from London, Ontario, the company was founded in 1909 as a partnership between two men – Scott and McHale. They produced men’s and boy’s welted shoes under the brand names Astoria and Liberty, as well as a high end eponymously names line. They were bought out by Florsheim sometime between 1959 and 1963. Your pair are post war, probably early 50s. Its hard to be anymore specific without handling them. I don’t actually have a pair in my collection, so let me know when you put them up for sale. For the most part the history of the company above is correct, history is a little fuzzy about John Mchale’s involvement after 1954. Early John McHale shoes simply say “John McHale” in the interior and only three styles Balmoral, Blucher and a Brogue. All the shoes after the company was bought will say “The John McHale Custom Shoe”, “The McHale Shoe” or simply “McHale Shoes”. If you notice in the add from 1962 the name of the brand is McHale and not John McHale. As... read more

Vintage Made in British Colony of Hong Kong It is always a challenge to know if a garment is truly vintage or a really good but any label that bears the “Made in British Hong Kong” is already over 16 years old We know that Hong Kong was turned over to China in 1999. This suit has that label see details on my Easy store there is a small moth bite that I repaired and the dress has some very slight makes but I suggest that it be shortened to a mini with a longer coat This is 100 percent Zephyr wool tagged a size 12  ... read more

Rescue of Clothing Labels

Larry Aldrich (1906-2001) was an American manufacturer of women’s clothing. Read a short history at the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource here: Thank you Vintage Fashion Guild for the reference to clothing labels This is a great reference to determine in some cases the vintage clothing and time period they were... read more

Vintage Collector

Vintage Collector

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Tying it on

Thought you gentlemen would be interested to see how to secure a bow tie that has no clip. This is a do it yourself bow... read more

1983 Old Clothing Show and Sales

This is an article about the “Old clothing Show and Sales” which were held at the Palais Royale on Lakeshore in Toronto I had participated in these shows and in this article my niece Krista who kindly assisted me in the booth and modelled... read more