What is a Vesta?

This silver case with mother of pearl inlay had been in my showcase for many years . Everyone asked me what it was and all I could reply was that it was a match container.
During one of my vintage fashion show we had a guest who hailed from England and she looked at this silver box and said “Oh you have a Vesta” She went on to say that these were for ladies who smoked probably in the late 20’s or the 30’s. When ladies who smoked did so discreetly. The small tiny wax matches are inside and the striker is at the bottom. If anyone recognizes the little crest like charm please let me know what it stands for.

What is a Vespa


Overshoe Evolution

Since I started my blog I found that it has become a hunting adventure for me.  When I think I have something that I would like to share with you I discover that there is probably more than one.  It has also lead me to sort and clean and put things to-gether which is long overdue,   The furry trimmed boots I wore in the 1950 (probably left over from someone in the late 40’s.   The sexy suede with the tiny heel I suspect are the 60 and the thick heeled rubber would indicate a heel shape from the 1940;s  The most interesting is the rubber pull over with no heel and only covered the sides toe and sole of your shoe.  I do remember my mother having the clear plastic overshoe

Overshoe Evolution


History of Lingerie by Gilles Neret



This will be an excerpt from a book I found at a Thrift Store that intrigued me with pictures of lingerie through the ages. My intention is to show the undergarment that took us through the ages.

If possible I will show actual garments were possible.

This book is erotic and wonderful a true history of underwear