Vintage seal fur coat soft silky 199.00 U.S.

Great condition for 1960 fur jacket with pastel mink collar
The coat is strong with no moulting fur and has one flaw that I have addresses the hook was loose so I secured it
I am not a furrier and I am told this is seal since it changes colour when gently stroked
The coat is very dark brown with roll up cuffs and silky soft

I receive fur coats from other senior ladies who no longer have opportunity to wear them
The coat is a small size possibly a size 8
across chest hook closed in front at approximately 20 inches (=40)
nap of neck to hem at approximately 24 inches
the collar is sewn on and could be easily removed if desired and used on other items too.
The interior is nicely finished but does have embroidered monogram on the liningVintage purchase through Etsy store               

1970 Wool Maxi skirt and cape $165.00 U.S.

1970 Wool maxi skirt with oversized cape

Waist 15 inches (=30)

waist to hem at approximately 30 inches

Cape neck to hem at back longest part approx. 45 inches

No damage odours excellent condition owner says dates to mid 1970

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Black Beaver Full length SOLD May be purchased with direct checkout at my easy store

I am not a furrier but the I am told this is Beaver very silky and Judging from the label I would say this is from the 1980’s and is strong and in excellent condition. No moulting no odours and a lining that is without flaws. The lady who owns this now goes to Florida each winter and would like to sell it.
The coat has no sizing but I would say it would fit a lady up to a size 14 -16. but please check measurement and I will be glad to answer any question you have about size and extra pictures since I cannot accept return due to the high cost of shipping.
The coat measured flat with buttons closed at :

approximately 44 inches across the chest
approximately 16-17 inches across the shoulders.
From the shoulder seam to the cuff approx. 24 inches
From the nap of the neck to the hemline is approximately 46 inches.

This coat would be perfect for a taller lady and there are leather straps allowing on to tighter the cuff and the collar these straps are removable.
The shipping quoted on this listing is only an estimate so I would need you postal code or zip to quote you a shipping cost and options.I will than reserve the coat and adjust the listing to reflect the cost that will be on your parcel

Hand tooled leather shoulder bag (CUBA) $45.00 U.S. plus shipping

A genuine leather shoulder bag

Appeoximately 10-1/2 across

Aprox. 8-1/2 high

Approx. 3-1/2 wide

Engraved with word Cuba

No other details on bag

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Vintage grey Persian Lamb Jacket $225.00 U.S.    Excellent condition Persian Lamb jacket
Larger size fits me ample and I take a 14 blouse
Across the chest underarm to underarm approximately 23 inches (=46)
across shoulders at approx. 19 inches
nap of neck to hem at approx. 24 inches
original buttons
No damage at armhole or neck
Flaw to note some splash marks on inside

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vintage Brown Persian Lamb Jacket $299.00 U.S

Excellent condition a Large flared Persian Lamb Jacket
The cuffs are trimmed with brown mink
The jacket has no damage to the lining at the back of the neck or the armholes
Across the chest underarm to underarm at approx. 24 inches (=48) extra room since the back is flared
nap of the neck to the hemline at approx. 23 inches
across shoulder at approx. 18 inches
two front pockets
one hook and eye closure
soft and silky fur

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