Vintage showstopper 1970/80 Gold Lame Gown 175.00 plus shipping size4-6

wild leather circled belt with brassy round buckle $45.00 plus shipping

Genuine 1950/60 vintage grey printed taffeta day dress $49.00 plus shipping

brocade with gold lame jewelled buttons and belt 1960 2 pc dress and jacket 150.00 CA. plus shipping pay pal invoice contact me

D Orlan Gold tone Lady signed

Costumes for Princely Pomp production of 2017 Gaslight Tour Collingwood

vintage yellow turquoise heart brooch on Silver

vintage celluloid large clip earrings

New listing vintage stamped brass Czech brooch

Vintage Black Persian Lamb Hat

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1950’s possible Weiss

This wonderful opaques stones were a popular style of jewelry worn in the 1950's This piece is NOT signed but some of the experts have told me that during these years many weiss pieces may not have been signed but whether it is a Weiss or not it is a trill large showy...

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Vintage costume jeweller group

I am now participating in a Vintage and Jewelry group to increase my knowledge of vintage jewelry It is a group of experts from which I expect to learn the marks and signs of valuable vintage jewelry pieces This is NOT a selling site just a fun group of very...

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Rescue of Clothing Labels

Larry Aldrich (1906-2001) was an American manufacturer of women’s clothing. Read a short history at the Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource here: Thank you Vintage Fashion Guild for the reference to clothing labels This...

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Fashion Icon in White House

This is definitely not  my thoughts on Politics far from it but what I saw on the inauguration day of President Trump was the upcoming Fashion Icon in Melania Trump. I saw a lot of furs being worn by guests real or false not sure but the fur was there and I saw the...

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Women size changes 1920 versus 2016

this is an example of how the female figure has progressed. I have found that the true vintage is not wearable for most young women today the average size does not fir the true vintage lover and should they be worn the fabric and seams cannot take much strain I have...

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Vintage Collector

Vintage Collector

An avid Vintage collector everything has a story for me or the family

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